Class schedule and registration

Early registration guarantees a spot in class! To register for a class email me at

Please include name of participant and location of class that you would like a spot held to attend. If you have an interest in private instruction, it is available fees are 35 per session, private sessions are generally 90 minutes.

Class Schedule for Spring session at the Cliffton cultural arts center.

Clifton cultural arts center:

First and third thursday of each month. Average group is between 4-10 people, I like to keep class sizes small so that students have the opportunity to have personal contact and guidance.

What do I need to train Qigong?

Comfortable loose-fit clothes, that do not restrict arm or leg movement. Something that you can comfortably turn to the left and right with a natural range of motion. No mats are used in this set of Qigong, and during practice participants stay upright. This is a gentle standing exercise coordinated with relaxed breath.

If you are following the form in my training cycle feel free to send me questions at

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