Created by the sleeping immortal

Print of Chen Tuan the sleeping immortal, public domain print from 1797 (Legends of the flying dragon)

Chen Tuan, the sleeping immortal, is one of my favorite Chinese Taoist heroes that this project has led me to discover.

His story is as big as the amount of Qigong that he gifted the world with. Not only did he create the immortal’s wand, he also created an internal sleeping Qigong technique, as well as the Daoyin 24 seasons set and six harmonies eight methods set.

If I had known this before researching on this first training cycle, I would have saved the immortal’s wand for a set exclusively containing forms created by just Chen Tuan. (Very likely to still happen)

I am going to find a very detailed story of Chen gifting the immortal wand set to the imperial family and add that soon after some wand training video. Here is a picture of an immortal wand, which IS DIFFERENT THAN A “BANG STICK” NOT THE SAME TOOL OR USE!!.

The bead or pearl in the center of the wand is one of the key features that makes it a wand, as it is a focal point where you keep your gaze.

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