My name is Roy, I am an RN, veteran, and martial artist.

My martial arts journey has been one that unexpectedly ended with me discovering Qigong. In the early 90’s I competed internationally within the Japan Karate Association in tournaments such as the Konishi cup among others. My training was in Ryobu-kai which is pretty much a form of Shotokan (related). Forms training at the level that was necessary to compete at this level planted the seed that lead me to gravitate towards an internal style. I looked into internal forms and started to grow very curious which has led me to where I am now, a Qigong facilitator with a passion for the classic Qigong forms.

My background as a nurse has given me academic research tools and knowledge from my peers that has increased my passion for Qigong. For example there was a study in which regular practice reduced geriatric falls by 40%, due to the increased peripheral-vascular blood flow that is a result in practicing the form used in the study. I have worked in a maximum security prison, long term care, hospice, and short term post-op rehab. Every place I have been professionally I have met people that could benefit from Qigong, and here I hope to make resources easily available so that anyone of any skill level can find something of value here.

I am also on a quest seeking a mastery level of knowledge and skill, so if I make it to some great place anyone that wants a map of what worked for me will have it. I have no expectations, but I will be training to reach higher levels of chi. So hey, just in case I can pull a crouching tiger hidden dragon and fly in ten years, there will be a blue print for anyone wanting to join in. Failure to dream destroys the possibility of achievement, if one person picks up one thing from this blog than I have helped to spread Qigong and lived well.



  1. What a guy!!! Recently ran a spartan beast in Ohio and came across Roy and his brother Cameron. Great guys and obviously very determined to complete anything they start. Can’t wait to run again.


    1. Thanks Tom! Hail and 39 degrees but we pushed through probably the longest 15 miler I have come across in awhile!


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